Preform design

  • Develop a new preform (PET, HDPE and PP)

  • Find the best preform on the market

  • Find or develop a right neck and cap for a new application
  • Lightweigthing of an existing preform
  • Stretch ratio calculations

Bottle design

Develop a new container

  • Still water

  • CSD and sparking water

  • Hot fill container (food, beer, juice and dressing)
  • High barrier container ( Multilayer or monolayer)
  • High pressure container (petaloid, champagne or spherical)
  • High ESCR container
  • Blow and trim container

Bottle improvement

Bottle lightweighting

Cap design

  • Development a new cap

  • Find an existing cap on the market for a new application

FEM analisys

  • Top load

  • Pressure resistance

  • Thermal resistance