To easily identify the problem cause and intervene effectively, it is important to be able to analyze malfunctions and/or defects from every point of view.
To do this, the experience and the transversal knowledge of mechanics, electronics, polymeric materials and the process often make the difference.

GS4PLASTIC besides offering its own advice to solve problems on machines and on plastic products, it provides dedicated training with customized business courses and also courses in cooperation with Plastinnova mainly on 4 macro-areas:


  • Virgin and recycled polymeric materials
  • New product design e feasibility study
  • Stretch-blowing process and defect
  • Quality control and laboratory analysis (Raw materials, EBM, IM, SBM)


Corso sui polimeri per imballaggio: PET, PP, HDPE, PETG, etc

  • Polymerization process, polymers typology, linear, branched and cross-linked
  • Amorphous and semi-crystalline materials, homo-polymers and copolymers, hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic
  • Physical, thermal, mechanical, chemical and barrier properties
  • Crystallization rate, natural stretch ratio
  • Thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic degradation processes

Design course and feasibility study

  • Definition of the specifications requested by the customer
  • Choice of the most suitable material and technology
  • Choice of the bottle neck related with the applications
  • Definition of the container and of the preform weight
  • Preform design
  • Evaluation of the most suitable cavities and machines

Stretch-blowing PROCESS

  • Choice of preform and stretch ratios
  • Heating process
  • Stretch-blowing process
  • Analysis of defects and problem solving

Laboratory analysis and quality control

    • Analysis on raw materials: MFI, IR, DSC, Dynamometer
    • Analysis for dedicated technology:
    • EBM: Weight control, leak analysis, top load, ovalization and packaging finishing, minimum thicknesses, black points and impurities
    • ISBM: polarized light, concentricity and perpendicularity, weight, crystallinity control on colored preforms, % master control
    • SBM: weight distribution, top load, pressure test, thickness control

Problem solving

We are available to help you to solve any kind of problem relating to rigid packaging ( and not only ).

  • Problems related on incoming materials:
  • Analysis on raw materials (MFI, IR, DSC, Pollutants, etc)
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Problems related to the process:
  • Blowing extrusion on mono or coex products
  • Stretch-blowing of PET and PP preforms
  • Pet preform injection
  • Dehumidification process
  • Technical audit on the machine for evaluations of any anomalies
  • Evaluations of possible mechanical and electronic modifications on the machine
  • Problems on the product:
  • Chemical and chemical-physical analysis (IR, DSC, SEC, GC-MS, MFI)
  • Analysis of ESCR on HDPE, PP, PET, rHDPE, rPET.
  • Permeability analysis on films or bottles