Project Description

Existing Range

Our serial preforms‘ spec:

Light preforms for edible-oil bottle production:

20,5 g, 29/21 neck

Preforms for hot-fill bottles:

30 g, 38 mm neck

Wide-mouth preforms:

47 g, 82 mm neck

PP preforms for candle jars:

20 g, 63 mm neck

Preforms for juice and milk bottle production:

19,5–28 g, 38 mm neck

Ultra-light preforms for large-size bottles (5-7 L):

61-73 g, 38 mm neck

Custom Made Preforms

Flexibility is key of our injection program. We use small injection machines that enable efficient preform production in modest quantities. One of the main advantages of such production is that minimal initial investment is needed for the injection mould. That helps to achieve custom preform that meets customer’s requirements at reasonable cost.

Injection tools and preform samples

We develop preform designs according to container geometry, provide test tool and preform samples. After it is tested we make production tool and supply ready made preforms.

Safety and Quality

We always store sufficient amount of preforms in our 4000 m2 warehouse to ensure smooth supply. Metal preform containers are designed to protect preforms from the risk of external damages. By using identical injection machines we can ensure the continuous preform manufacturing process.

Specifications-related preforms

Every preform batch is carefully tested in the preform testing laboratory and only preforms that perfectly match the spec are sent to the customers. Upon request we can perform preform blowing testing on one of our FlexBlow prototyping machines.

Engineering Services

Having been in PET bottle development business for over 20 years we have masterted the preform engineering when it comes to importance of material type, preform geometry, weight, neck finish and other parameters for a particular bottle. For that reason we either choose or create from scratch preform that meets container‘s parameters best.

Preform Stretch Calculator

By the use of PET prefrom stretchin simulation software we determine potential risks that can occur when stretching the bottle. This way before investing in the injection mould we have a possibility to create a virtual quality profile of the blown bottle according to which we can alter the preform or bottle drawing, if needed.



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