Project Description


We started our business in 1994 as one of the first PET container producer in the Baltics. To be able to respond to the market‘s needs better, we have developed dedicated PET bottle blowmoulding technology FlexBlow. The technology allows to reduce the custom design container start up costs and increase the production efficiency.

The FlexBlow technology gave basis for our PET container production growth and today we are leading PET container supplier in the Baltic States and Scandinavia.

Very fast our FlexBlow technology became wanted by other PET bottle producers. The solution was to focus PET container sales to Baltics and Nordics, while outside this area supply machines to other PET jars and bottles producers. If put together, companies using FlexBlow systems are producing over 1 billion bottles and jars every year, globally.

Custom Design

Add value to your brand and explore full branding potential by having PET bottles in your prefered shape. Years of experience has built a knowledge base that allows TEREKAS to offer custom design bottles for attractive cost. We encourage everyone to use non-standard solutions.

  • Product distinctivenes
  • Design corresponding to your brand
  • Potential growth of sales and profitability

Attractive & Cost-effective:

Working hand in hand with our customers, we seek to create the most attractive bottle design for the lowest possible cost. We have developed more than 5000 moulds up to date, and the number is growing. This experience enables us to offer fast and smooth mould development and production.

  • Lighter containers
  • Safer and quicker fillling
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Cheaper preforms

HotFill PET Bottles and Jars

With intensive R&D into hot fill solutions, TEREKAS now as well offers hot-fill PET bottles in various shapes and volumes. Hot fill application helps to increase product shelf life as bottles can withstand 93° C heat. Most importantly it is more user friendly as preservatives can be omitted.

Spin-trim jars and bottles

When it comes to non-standard neck finish, common preforms can still be used – TEREKAS now offers possibility to have custom neck finish for bottles and jars in cost effective way due to implemented spin trim technology.

Crown cork PET bottles

TEREKAS has successful experience in crown cork PET bottle production. Our customers benefit from the technological advantage of having PET bottles compatible with standard crown cork.

  • Unique and attractive design
  • Lower transportation costs
  • User friendliness
  • Production safety
  • Possibility to run in glass filling line

Bottles with handles

We offer innovative solutions for those who require PET bottles with handles. You can choose on of a few technological solutions that meets your requirements and budget best.

Grip handles

Integrated handles

Added handles



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